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Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has brought over a thousand cats and dogs, whose treatment they have completed, to a warm home, within the scope of the works carried out with the slogan “Do not buy, own”. Animal Rights Federation (HAYTAP) administrators thanked President Tunç Soyer and his team for their work on stray animals.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality does not leave homeless, injured, disabled, sick or needy animals alone in the city.

While Işıkkent and Seyrek dog shelters are home to stray animals, stray animals living on the streets and getting sick are brought to the polyclinic by Emergency Response teams to be healed. With the motto of “Don’t buy, own,” adoption continues for dogs that have been treated, spayed and marked at Işıkkent Dog Care Center, and for cats that are cared for at the Small Animal Clinic in Kültürpark.

Home Seeking Paws On This Page

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which found new homes for over a thousand cats and dogs in 2019 and 2020, brings together animal friends and those waiting for a home at Işıkkent Animal Shelter every day between 13.00 and 16.00. In addition, citizens who want to adopt a stray animal can visit the site of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Yuvaarayanpatiler.izmir.bel.tr, and see the animal they want to adopt from here.

Thanks to Chairman Soyer and his Team

Animal Rights Federation (HAYTAP) Press Spokesperson Şule Baylan, who participated in the adoption organization at Işıkkent Animal Shelter, stated that hundreds of animals are adopted in the shelter every year and said, “With the support of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, we are making great progress in both sterilizing and adopting stray animals throughout the city.

Stray animals should not be thrown out like plastic bags. They are not property. We thank and express our gratitude to our President Tunç Soyer and his team, who care about the ideas of non-governmental organizations and make great efforts in this regard.”

Semih Kocabaş, who adopted a dog from Işıkkent Animal Shelter, said, “I met a lovely friend here. I own it. While the souls left on the street were waiting alone, I did not like to buy a dog with money,” he said.

Thanks to Responsive Citizens

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Yıldız Devran reminded that stray animals are cared for and treated in both Işıkkent and Seyrek nursing homes, and the emergency response teams are on duty 24 hours a day, “Our primary goal is to adopt all the stray animals we care for, including those abandoned by their owners.

We collaborate with non-governmental organizations. We remove vehicles from certain points of the city in order to facilitate the transportation of our citizens to the shelter. We would like to thank our citizens who come to our shelter and adopt stray animals instead of buying cats and dogs.